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Feb 2, 2013 12:10pm EST
this gentleman. i have visited with him in frederick. he started a company called nexus energy homes. they build houses at market prices and get this -- these homes are designed to consume net zero energy. for families, that means electricity bills as low as $3 and $4 a month. nexus energy homes was named a national home builder of the year. [applause] what do these stories have in common? innovation and entrepreneurship. the united states of commerce have named maryland number one in innovation and entrepreneurship. marylanders are doing remarkable work -- life science, green tech, information technology, cybersecurity, aerospace and advanced manufacturing -- in these sectors are creating jobs right here in maryland, creating jobs through innovation. it is not just the responsibility of the private sector. there are things we can do together through the common platform of our state government. we can accelerate innovation. we can attract venture capital. we can move more new technologies and ideas out of our great university labs and into the marketplace where they can create jobs a
Feb 9, 2013 11:45am EST
higher ed. we know that for manufacturers and other businesses, the reliability and cost of energy is key. we need to expand our prayerful leo, -- priority. first, we import too much of our electricity from dirty and expensive sources. over the last four years, we have reduced emissions more than any other state. while also reducing energy bills and health impacts by hundreds of millions of dollars. but we need more local. that is why we support numerous utility scale clean and efficient natural gas plants, and cost-effective clean energy projects. the conversion of energy's energy center. the musical electric corporation's new plan, and numerous bio -- biogas and fuel- cell projects. second, we need to expand natural gas infrastructure across our state. too many in delaware are paying too much for energy because they are too far from a pipeline to bring them affordable natural gas. the energy savings from fuel switching are substantial and can cover the costs of new infrastructure. to help businesses and residents save money, we are working with both delmarva and chesapeake to make i
Feb 2, 2013 1:30pm EST
eastern montana, the rapid growth associated with the energy boom is creating immediate infrastructure problems. that's why i've proposed creating a grant program for communities affected by oil and gas development. i ask that we invest $15 million dollars in providing matching funds to affected cities and towns that do not get a share of the increased revenues that county governments and school districts receive from oil and gas development. we must also meet our responsibility to fix a long- term problem created by our predecessors. i have outlined a detailed plan that will shore up our retirement systems and do so without raising taxes. i look forward to working with this body to ensure we craft a plan that honors our commitment to montana's public servants -- a plan that doesn't go back on the promises we made to the snowplow drivers, prison guards, teachers and other middle-class workers who are our friends and neighbors. as i've already described to you, saving some for a rainy day is simple. i also believe that we can wisely invest our resources to create jobs and
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3